A Scary Good Deal?

A prior owner says place was area’s “own version of the ‘Amityville Horror.’ ” By Jennifer Learn-Andes   The sales listing for a Wilkes-Barre property touts it as an “authentic haunted house.”   City resident Betsy Summers, who lives across the street, designed the advertisement hoping to stir up interest in the 46 S. Welles St. property. The owner, Katherine Watkins, died last year, and Summers said she is trying to help the family sell it.   Summers said she’s not making up the haunted claim, which has been detailed in several published reports.   “It has a pretty nasty reputation,” she said.   The house was featured in several Times Leader news articles from 1979 through 1982, with one prior owner describing the place as the area’s “own version of the ‘Amityville Horror.’ ”   Walker Bennett told reporters he moved out of the property in 1978 because it...

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